This Page is originally conceived as a jumping off point to share info & insights about churches that have featured prominently in my life.  However, since I haven’t yet developed that concept yet I’m parking the below remarks here for possible future development & clarification.  Blessings to All!

Here’s a tidbit on some of my perspective on certain aspects of theology & Christian culture in response to the prior post (also included below), copied from a discussion at The Conservative TreeHouse here:

Friday February 23rd – Open Thread

WhistlingPast says:

ICR’s “Days of Praise.” Blessings on all who read.

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  • And, if memory serves, the end of Hebrews 11 has the saints who suffered mightily & did Not receive their reward in this life. They were held up as even greater examples of faith than those patriarchs, etc, recounted from the beginning of that chapter. I’ve never heard anyone preach on the latter part of Hebrews 11 but it seems to contradict much of the “name it & claim it” “gospel” that has permeated certain Christian enclaves. So thankful that the Lord saw fit to include those who endured such great suffering as such champions of faith “of whom the world is not worthy”…

    I thinks some of their cousins in suffering regularly visit & pray for others on the prayer request page here at CTH & contribute mightily to Christ’s Body here on earth!

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