About Pioneer Perspectives

Here is a good starting point sharing some background on why this site now:



I also am writing/archiving a couple of different blogs below:






Each of my blog offerings has a different flavor & purpose.  Special Connections was the first wordpress blog & is a potpourri of many things…Jazzman Journal is a continuation/archive of several years of blogging, formerly housed at CarePages, primarily about the multifaceted needs of my disabled son.  ChristLikeKara is a similar archive of a friend’s CarePage chronicling her parallel journey to & through Liver Transplant (one of my special son’s many challenges).  CaringBridge is where I currently provide the most detailed updates about my son, & to a lesser extent the rest of the family.  This site is slightly more intimate, personal, & prayer focused.

Pioneer Perspectives is likely to be more “academic” in that I hope to research many of the items I share & pull together many threads to weave my own personal version of a (hopefully beautiful) historical tapestry.  I plan to explore aspects of churches, schools, & communities with which I have personal knowledge & expand back in time to include those arenas that are of interest & association to the extended family clan.

Because I hope there is a degree of “therapeutic offloading” here at Pioneer Perspectives it is possible that there may be times that one wades into the weeds in various domains.  It is my hope/prayer that through exploring some history, background, memories, & perceptions that a degree of closure on certain painful chapters might be obtained.  It is also desirable that these postings can provide comfort & encouragement to others who may have wrestled with some of the issues that end up being addressed here.

Within the confines of this blog I am The Pioneer, & all Perspectives presented will be my own, unless otherwise attributed.

Welcome to the Perspectives of this Pioneer (lately of Cyberspace)!

God Bless & Keep You!

PS  If you might be interested in more information about me & my family I have shared a lot of details & a number of pictures here:


PPS  Here’s an interesting site I found about Pioneers & food (that featured my main photo used as a header for this blog):


Here is the closest I’ve run across what appears to be the “original” version of the image I’ve used as a header here at Pioneer Perspectives…


Here is the caption on that photo: “Skinned game hangs from the roof as this family of seven poses in front of their Kansas log cabin for photographer M.A. Kleckner of Osborne City; one of two photos: $3,100.”  apparently this info was from Cowan’s Auctions

Above from this site:



After MUCH Looking, I may have found the original source location for the above image!!!  Please check out the original auction listing below…


That site features a zoom-in cursor action so one can more closely examine this exciting image!  Here is how the 2-photo lot was described there:

Kansas Homesteaders, Two Exceptional CDVs


Lot of 2 albumen CDVs, both with the verso imprint of photographer M.A. Kleckner, Osborne City, KS. One with the ink inscription Kansas Stone Dugout, showing a woman and son sitting in front of their sod-covered home, the other inked Kansas Log Cabin, showing a family of seven, the men posed with their rifles, skinned game hanging from the front of the cabin, and large squash or melon sitting on the sod roof.

Price Realized Including Buyer’s Premium